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Allied Industrial Corp., Ltd., founded in 1964, began modestly as a cigarette filter producer, expanded to nylon and polyester fiber processing in 1970 and with tremendous success leapt into the high-tech disperse dyes arena in 1977. It is now the largest disperse dye manufacturer in Taiwan. In 1995, Allied attained a new milestone in its never-ending quest for growth and perpetuity, becoming a publicly listed company on the Taiwan over-the-counter exchange.   Adhering to the management principle of "Sincerity and Reliability; Innovation and Professionalism; Quality as the first Priority", Allied actively devotes itself to research and development and expansion of worldwide distribution and service networks. With an annual production of 5400 tons and over 80 product varieties, Allied distributes disperse dyes to over 40 countries under its own "Allilon " brand. Customers worldwide recognize its dragon -shaped logo.   Allied is relentlessly dedicated to product innovation and quality improvement. The company is now focusing on high technology and high value-added products meeting international environmental protection standards. Certified by ISO 9001, ISO 9002, and ISO 14001 standards, Allied's customers are offerred world-class products and services. Its down-to-earth and professional management style has earned the respect of customers and partners worldwide.   To meet ever-changing market demand, Allied is diversifying into high value-added dye products, bulk and intermediate pharmaceuticals as well as the biotech arena. With its state of the art products and technologies, the company expects to become one of the world's leading chemical companies entering into the 21st century.       State of the Art R&D Capability -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As a leading disperse dye manufacturer, Allied continuously cultivates talents and invests in advanced R&D equipment to develop state of the art products for the market. It has technical alliance agreements with upstream and downstream partners and academic institutions like Industrial Technology Research Institute, China Textile Research Institution, Tamkang University, Control System Associate and Duncan S.C. in the US. It also maintains superb relationships with institutions like AATCC, ACS, ASM in the US and China Chemical Research Institution to transfer core technologies in-house.   Over the years, Allied has successfully developed more than eighty product varieties and obtained major patents, greatly reducing manufacturing cost and strengthening international competitiveness.   In recent years, in addition to the development of disperse dyes, Allied is actively involved in environmental protection related technologies and pharmaceutical intermediates like beta-ionone and beta-carotene. The company has demonstrated stable progress with great results being achieved.   Furthermore, with its environment protection" color series to the market, but also transferred various related technologies overseas, demonstrating international recognition of Allied's R&D capability.
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